I Probably Shouldn’t Quit My Job Today Because:

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  • Landlord likes getting paid…
  • So do I
  • I still don’t have a Suga-Daddy yet

On second thought, none of these reasons seem good enough. Now where’d I put that resignation letter?


I Should Quit My Job Today Because:

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  • Some adults act like children, and if I wanted to play referee with children I’d be a daycare teacher
  • Returning calls isn’t one of my strengths
  • Writing in purple ink is apparently frowned upon in corporate America…
  • As is sitting spinning in my swirly chair with my legs folded up underneath me
  • I always feel like I’m broke anyway
  • Hula hooping in the grass sounds like more fun than sitting in a fluorescently lit cube
  • Craving freedom and practicing conformity don’t mix – kinda like a big ol’ glass of milk followed by a big ol’ glass of vinegar, yum!
  • ¬†Working an 8 hour day for the man really limits my abilities to daydream and plan my dream life

Reasons to choose a child-free lifestyle:

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  • Pain – I don’t know if they told you, but growing and then giving birth to a person hurts. A lot.
  • Fear of needles, especially those going anywhere near your spinal cord
  • Love of sleep – cause if you have a baby don’t plan on getting any for the next 10 years at least
  • You already feel claustrophobic and find yourself daydreaming of freedoms, flexibility, and adventuring
  • You can’t even keep a plant alive
  • Kids cost mad money – and you’re already eating ramen
  • You’ve waited until the morning after you notice your pet’s food bowl was empty to go to the store for more
  • Because if you don’t become a parent, you can’t turn into your parents