• Punch a baby – Sure, they’re selfish jerks, but it’s still child-abuse and even though everyone wants to do it at some point or another (remember that baby screaming in your ear throughout the entire flight from NYC to LA?) they’ll still judge you for ACTUALLY doing it.
  • Buy and/or Eat Twizzlers – this candy is probably the biggest waste of sugary goodness in the history of the world and I refuse to have any parts of it. It tastes like, looks like, and smells like rubber. There are better uses for sugar. And money. Like making money out of sugar – that’d be better than Twizzlers.
  • Get rid of my pink heels. They are the best purchase I’ve EVER made. They’re from Payless. They were on clearance. I think I paid $7 for them. I’ve worn the heels completely off and had them fixed for $11.15. I WILL be buried in them. Except, I’m going to be cremated…so…they will be my urn and sit lovingly on the mantle of some unsuspecting loved-one. FOREVER!
  • Start a booger collection – that’s just gross, who does that? No, don’t admit to doing it! Gosh, you’re weird…
  • Balance a live shark on my head. Because first of all, I’m terrified of sharks. Fascinated by them, but terrified all the same, and I wouldn’t want one that close to my head. Second of all, hello? Balance a LIVE shark on your head?? How are you even supposed to do that? The logistics just don’t work…
  • Amputate my own arm. Even if I were stuck and was going to starve to death or be  savagely eaten by a pack of wild shark/lion hybrids. Let’s be honest, I’d probably pass out from the thought long before I even began attempting the task.